Dan grew up on the eastern edge of London, England in a musical family. He learnt music from an early age and in his teens began playing bass. During Dan's early recording experiences he became fascinated with the process and decided that the studio was where his future lay.

Dan cut his teeth by recording the bands he was playing in. After a while the studio managers began to notice Dan's talents and would book him for other sessions. 

In 1995 Dan was signed to Warner Bros. with his band Frampton Hill. The band released one album - 'Welcome to Frampton Hill' - before splitting in 1997. 

After nearly ten years playing and recording with bands, Dan decided that it was time to take the seat on the other side of the glass and use his production skills for the benefit of other’s. He immediately found success with No.1’s for Westlife and Steps. (Dan mixed the 1.2 million selling cover of ‘Tragedy’ by Steps.)

Since then Dan has traveled a musical journey through all the main genres of music. He has seen his projects selling internationally and has notched up over 50 million records sold world wide. Dan has worked with some of the industries top talent from L.A. in the U.S.A to Sydney, Australia and has become one of London’s sought after mixers.

In recent years Dan has worked extensively for Apple’s ‘iTunes Festival’ brand, mixing live shows for release through the iTunes store from artists as diverse as Jack White, Andrea Bocelli, Jessie J and Paul Simon to name but a few. Dan also takes great pleasure in mixing live performances for TV and DVD with his experience covering shows such as MTV unplugged sessions, Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Children In Need, The Today Show, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and many, many more.


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